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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Readers’ letters

Sebastian Weser, Leipzig

There is no need for you to send me your annual and interim reports by post in future because I can access them via your website, on which I would like to congratulate you.

Michael Scheffer. Berlin

As a private investor, I have two questions for you: When will your quarterly reports be published this year? Will you disclose the compensation paid to the Executive Board in future in accordance with the new recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code and the Vorstandsvergütungs-Offenlegungsgesetz (German Act on the Disclosure of Executive Board Remuneration)? Or will you make use of the provision allowing you to obtain the approval of the Annual General Meeting not to publish the Executive Board’s compensation?

DES: In 2007, our interim report for the first quarter will be published on 11 May, the half-yearly report on 14 August and the interim report for the first nine months on 9 November. All of our reports are available online as interactive versions. All previously published reports, as well as a regularly updated financial calendar, can be found on our IR website: On your question relating to Executive Board compensation: We already have a policy of open information in this respect, as the remuneration of the Executive Board has been published in the annual report ever since our IPO. You will find the figures for 2006 in this report.

Dr. Karl-Heinz Blum, Rosenheim

Thank you for the best wishes you sent me on my 88th birthday. I am a shareholder in numerous companies and I have to say that none of them is as shareholder-friendly as Deutsche EuroShop. Congratulations to you and your staff, keep it up!

Juliane van Kammer, Cologne (by E-Mail)

The 2005 Annual Report is just great in every respect and enabled me to build up a good picture of your company very quickly. And the taxfree dividend is a really brilliant idea!

Annette Paul, Heidelberg

I like your lively and informative investor relations activities. I would be interested to know whether you also offer a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan)? I have bought Deutsche EuroShop shares as a long-term investment for my children and a programme of this type would make sense.

DES: Deutsche EuroShop does not currently have a dividend reinvestment plan. Our Executive Board regularly reviews the possibility of such an arrangement, with particular reference to the legal and tax considerations as well. At the moment, we are not planning to set up a programme of this type.

Stephan Bergmann, Dusseldorf

Please could you tell me on which date and for how long my EuroShop shares have to be held in my securities account in order to qualify for the dividend.

DES: The dividend for the most recent financial year is paid to all shareholders who have Deutsche EuroShop shares in their account following the market close on the day of the Annual General Meeting.

Deutsche EuroShop AG
Investor & Public Relations
Oderfelder Strasse 23
20149 Hamburg

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