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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Financial calendar

10.01. Morgan Stanley German Property Day, London
16.01. Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt
28.02. HSBC Trinkaus Real Estate Conference, Frankfurt
29.03. Audit Committee meeting, Hamburg
12.04. Kepler European Real Estate Conference, Milan
19.04. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg
20.04. Annual earnings press conference, Hamburg
Laying of the foundation stone, Stadtgalerie Passau
23.04. Roadshow Brussels, Petercam
24.04. Roadshow Munich, equinet
WestLB German Real Estate Day, New York
25.-27.04. Roadshow USA and Canada, Deutsche Bank
25.04. Roadshow Paris, Aurel Leven
26.-27.04. Roadshow Madrid and Lisbon, Berenberg
11.05. Interim report Q1 2007
14.05. Roadshow Edinburgh, Morgan Stanley
Roadshow Zurich, Kempen & Co
15.05. Roadshow Dublin, HVB
14.-15.05. Deutsche Bank German Corporate Conference, Tokio
16.05. Roadshow Frankfurt, HVB
24.05. Roadshow London, M.M.Warburg
Topping-out ceremony of Galeria Baltycka, Gdansk
30.05. Kempen & Co. European Property Seminar, Amsterdam
31.05. UniCredit Financials Conference, Stockholm
21.06. Annual General Meeting, Hamburg
Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg
29.06. Sal. Oppenheim Real Estate Conference, Zurich
04.07. Topping-out ceremony of Stadt-Galerie Hameln
14.08. Interim report H1 2007
15.08. Roadshow Cologne and Dusseldorf, HSBC
16.08. Roadshow Vienna, Sal. Oppenheim
06.-07.09. EPRA Annual Conference, Athens
12.09. Roadshow Zurich, WestLB
13.09. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg
25.-27.09. HVB German Investment Conference, Munich
Oct. Grand opening of Galeria Baltycka, Gdansk
08.-10.10. Expo Real, Munich
18.10. Société Générale Pan European
Real Estate Conference, London
25.-26.10. Real Estate Share Initiative, Frankfurt
09.11. Interim report Q1-3 2007
10.11. Hamburg Exchange Convention
14.-15.11. WestLB Deutschland Conference, Frankfurt
23.11. Supervisory Board meeting, Hamburg

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