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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Are you well dressed?

  1. Please complete the advertising slogan: ”Brand-name shoes at ...
    1. ... such a reasonable price - Deichmann
    2. Never heard it.
    3. Shouldn’t it be ”made-to-measure shoes”?
  2. Who do you think is the most stylish?
    1. Merkel’s looking pretty good.
    2. Harald Schmidts,
    3. Michel Würthles
  3. The tailor, who also made your father’s clothes, delivers a suit for you that’s at least two sizes too big. What’s your reaction?
    1. My tailor only knows how to shorten trousers.
    2. I complain and get a new suit made.
    3. I say nothing and hang the suit up in wardrobe, for good.
  4. Errors are allowed once every two generations. When do you wear shorts?
    1. As soon as the temperature’s over 19 degrees. And then it’s off to the allotment. Wonderful!
    2. For sport
    3. Never. I don’t wear shirts that are too short either.
  5. Talking of shirts, shirts itch if they cost less than ...
    1. ... €3.99.
    2. ... €100
    3. ... £280
  6. Please complete the following sentence: If you’re wearing a white suit ...
    1. ... you must be painting the kitchen.
    2. ... no one can touch you.
    3. ... you’re probably an admiral.
  7. On the way to an important meeting, one of your heels gets stuck in a grating and breaks off. How do you solve the problem?
    1. My Buffalos don’t get stuck in gratings.
    2. The heels on my Manolos don’t break off that easily.
    3. Always wear flat shoes to important meetings!
  8. What do you think of the military look which has been fashionable for such an incredible length of time?
    1. I think it’s cool, with those combat trousers and everything.
    2. I’m against any type of uniform.
    3. One couldn’t possibly wear it in town of course. But military clothing is just the thing for big game hunting.
  9. When did you last wear a white scarf?
    1. On my hundredth birthday
    2. Just the other day, to the opera
    3. At the launch event for my autobiography.
  10. How many buttons do you have undone on your jacket sleeve?
    1. You can’t undo them.
    2. Only one. The lowest button on the right sleeve.
    3. None, unless I’m washing my hands after going hunting.
  11. What did you wear with your Germany shirt during the World Cup?
    1. Shorts, thick socks, football boots
    2. I wore it with my suit.
    3. Under my Davies&Son shirt. You don’t have to put everything valuable on display.
  12. My watch ...
    1. ... is worn over my cuff.
    2. ... had an eleven-year waiting list. And it looks better on me than it did on Paul Newman.
    3. ... was inherited from my father.
  13. Which item of clothing would you never save money on?
    1. My trainers. They’re always of the highest quality.
    2. My winter coat
    3. My cufflinks. Only platinum will do.
  14. Which item of clothing do you sometimes save money on?
    1. You can get shoes for almost nothing these days, with rubber soles, really hardwearing.
    2. My summer coat. After all, I’m not Humphrey Bogart.
    3. I don’t spend anything on trainers.
  15. What’s your general rule for belts?
    1. The bigger the buckle, the cooler the belt.
    2. The belt has to match your shoes.
    3. If I lived by rules, I wouldn’t be ticking ”C” the whole time, would I?
  16. What sort of sunglasses do you wear?
    1. Blue ones, I got them on Gran Canaria. I really like them.
    2. Oakley.
    3. Ray-Ban Aviator.
  17. Which luxury do you allow yourself from time to time?
    1. A cold beer in the evening. Or are you still talking about fashion?
    2. Twice a year I fly over to London to Richard James.
    3. I go to France once a year for a Berluti meeting, where we polish our shoes with Dom Pérignon.
  18. My kind of woman wears ...
    1. ... a navel piercing.
    2. ... something she designed herself.
    3. ... pearl earrings.
  19. My idea of an elegant woman is ...
    1. ... Gina Wild.
    2. ... Ursula von der Leyen.
    3. ... Jackie O.


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