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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Sector and Tenant Mix

One of the main tasks of center management is to put together the right mix of sectors and tenants for each center, one which specifically adds to what is already available in the city centre. The particular needs and preferences of the customers are taken into account: For example, our shopping centers also include retailers who can hardly be found in pedestrianised shopping areas any more because of the constantly rising rents in prime city-centre locations. They include specialist shops for glassware, porcelain and ceramics, pet shops and toy shops.

An additional success factor is the differentiated rental system: a greengrocer naturally cannot pay the same rent as a jewellery business. The advantage for our tenants is that the rent they pay is linked to their sector. The advantage for us is that we can optimise the overall rent generated by our shopping centers.

Shopping centers can adjust to new trends. The advantage shopping centers have over other city-centre retail properties is their flexibility: they offer a variety of floor space sizes, formats and layouts without the need for excessive expenditure on building work. As a result, they have a secure future as far as trend changes in demand are concerned.

Almost one half of our tenants come from the fashion sector. In addition to them, customers can find the complete range of retailing businesses in each of our centers including, among others, specialist electronics shops, supermarkets and chemists, as well as department stores.

A variety of service providers is also available, such as travel agents, banks, hairdressers and dry cleaners. Visitors to the shopping centers can therefore save time by using the services they need while on a shopping trip. Fast-food restaurants and ice cream cafés provide refreshment or simply an opportunity to take a quick break.

In addition to chain stores with shops throughout Germany and abroad, the visitor to our shopping centers will also always find regional and local retailers, making up around half the total. Together they give each center its unmistakable individual charm and character.

Sector Mix in % of Space

Sector Mix in % of Space

Regional Tenant Mix in % of Space

Regional Tenant Mix in % of Space

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