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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary

With 12 shopping centers in Germany, two in Poland and one in each of Austria and Hungary, Germany remains the strategic focus of our investments. In addition to unique architecture and a very high standard of construction quality, our centers have one thing above all in common: their prime locations.

Our strategy is to concentrate on the ”original marketplaces”, the city centre areas. In addition, the Main-Taunus-Zentrum in Sulzbach near Frankfurt and the Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum in Viernheim near Mannheim represent two established locations in our portfolio offering outstanding transport connections and excellent accessibility by car. The Rhein- Neckar-Zentrum is located between the motorway junctions at Weinheim (A5) and Viernheim (A6), while the Main-Taunus- Zentrum is directly on the A66 between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. A total of 12.5 million people live in the catchment areas of our centers, 9.4 million of them in Germany. From a statistical point of view, therefore, every ninth German lives within reach of one of our shopping centers.

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