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Deutsche EuroShop - Annual Report 2006


Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Basis of Presentation
Basis of Consolidation and Consolidation Methods
Basis of consolidation
Consolidation methods
Currency Translation
Changes in Accounting Policies
Significant Accounting Policies
Revenue and expense recognition
Intangible assets
Property, plant and equipment
Investment property
Financial instruments
Non-current financial assets
Receivables and other assets
Deferred taxes
Current financial instruments
Liabilities to banks/Bank loans and overdrafts
Other provisions
Current trade payables
Cash and cash equivalents
Other liabilities
Borrowing costs
Consolidated Balance Sheet Disclosures
1. Intangible assets
2. Property, plant and equipment
3. Investment propertyInvestment property
4. Non-current financial assets
5. Other non-current assets
6. Trade receivables
7. Receivables from other investees and investors
8. Other current assets
9. Current financial assets
10. Cash
11. Equity and reserves
12. Bank loans and overdrafts
13. Deferred tax liabilities
14. Right to redeem of limited partners
15. Trade payables
16. Tax provisions
17. Other provisions
18. Other current liabilities
Disclosures on the Consolidated Income Statement
19. Revenue
20. Other operating income
21. Property operating costs
22. Property management costs
23. Other operating expenses
24. Income from investments
25. Profit/loss attributable to limited partners
26. Measurement gains/losses
27. Income tax expense
28. Other taxes
Disclosures on the Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Disclosures on the consolidated cash flow statement
Cash and cash equivalents
Operating cash flow
Cash flow from operating activities
Cash flow from investing activities
Cash flow from financing activities
Other changes
Cash flow per share
Earnings per Share
Segment Reporting
Other Financial Obligations
Other Disclosures
Events after the Balance Sheet Date
The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board
Supervisory Board
Executive Board
Related Parties in Accordance with IAS 24

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